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Watch a lesson from a Celebrity Supply Teacher!

As part of their offering to support Lockdown Learning, the BBC are showing their series of CBBC Celebrity Supply Teacher.

Each episode (10 mins) gives a lesson in a particular subject by a celebrity - and not always in the subject you might expect.

This is a great option to support any learning at home - and add a different face to your kid's home schooling. A particularly good one is given by Tim Peake, giving children a insight into living in space, and how to create a rocket at home.

The 40 episodes over the two series, include:

Heston Blumenthal on Food Science
World-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal presents a cookery class to remember as he discusses taste and flavour and shows how to create the world’s ultimate strawberry sundae.

Darcey Bussell on Dance
World-renowned dancer Dame Darcey Bussell takes a special dance class and scores a perfect ten with an African dance that is fun and easy to try.

Katya Adler on English
BBC journalist Katya Adler gives an exclusive lesson on journalism and how to create a compelling news story, including advice on research, writing and presentation.

Ellie Simmonds on Geography
Ellie Simmonds OBE offers up a special geography lesson on the world’s oceans, discussing the danger they are in from plastic pollution and what everyone can do to help.

Tim Peake on Science
Budding space explorers are treated to a masterclass from astronaut Tim Peake as he reveals how to survive in space and the science behind space rockets.

Ricky Wilson on Art
Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson swaps his microphone for a paintbrush as he gives a finely tuned art lesson and shows how the use of colour can dramatically improve your art.

Some of the biggest names in the UK invite the audience into their homes as they become Celebrity Supply Teachers.


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