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The Case of the Stolen Heart: Solve a virtual Valentine's Detective Trail this weekend❤️

Treasure Trails provide downloadable detective adventures/treasure trails that take you around differing cities and regions in the UK. Each one allows you to follow a 'socially distanced' trail to find clues and complete the challenge.

We tried one in Oxford recently as a family, and it was actually good fun, and something new in times when you can't do very much. We learnt some new facts about Oxford, and also found ourselves exploring backstreets I hadn't been down in years.

This free downloadable trail is a little bit different - it allows you to search for answers to the clues (romantically named streets across the UK) using Google Streetview from the comfort of your own home - wherever you are in the world. 

Take up the challenge to complete this virtual Valentine-themed detective mystery to find out who stole Val’s heart. If you complete it before midnight on Monday 15th Feb you can enter their competition to win a Personalised Treasure Trail.

Calling all Detectives! Grab your partner in crime and hunker down for a bit of super-sleuthing with our Virtual Detective Mystery! You’ll be whisked away to romantically named streets across the UK to search for evidence and solve the Clues.


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